BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Susumu Iai is a professor of Geo-disaster division, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University, Japan. He graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1974 and immediately joined the Port and Harbour Research Institute. His major research interests are geotechnical earthquake engineering in waterfront areas, including soil-structure-fluid interaction analysis. He has been chairman of PIANC/MarCom/WG34: Working Group on Effects of Earthquakes on Port Structures, International Navigation Association (PIANC), 1997-2002, and convener of ISO/TC98/SC3/WG10: Seismic actions on geotechnical works, ISO, 2002-present.

-1994 Award for outstanding research accomplishment (Japanese Geotechnical Society)
-1994 Prakash Award for significant contribution to geotechnical earthquake
engineering (Prakash Foundation, USA), and
-1996 Award for outstanding research accomplishment (Science and Technology
Agency, Japanese Government)
-1999 Award for outstanding paper award (Japanese Geotechnical Society)