Shamsher Prakash Foundation was established in 1989 with a donation from Revd. Mother Ashram Sri Sri Sri Soami Vijaya Rajan Anand. The foundation has to date started the following projects.


1. Hold lectures classes and workshops on pranayam, Meditation and yoga – Philosophy worldwide. There are no charges for these workshops.
2. Publish books on Yoga Sadhana.
3. Organize prevention and yoga classes.
4. Support school childern based on their performance and need.
5. Institute competetion on “peace, Inner peace and World peace” among students in local schools.(Possibly make this program nationwide).
6. Establish “Mother Institute of Prevention and Yoga”.
7. Issue newsletter on prevention and Yoga.


1. Institute “Shamsher Prakash Research Awards and Prizes”, worldwide and in India.
2. Prize for creative design to undergraduate students, in the US and India.


Dr. Shamsher Prakash offers Yoga classes and workshops worldwide. He has already offered classes and workshops in USA, Singapore, India, Australia, UK and Canada. He has regularly held PRANAYAM and MEDITATION classes for seniors in Rolla since 2006. For free lectures and classes at your place plaease contact the SP Foundation (


Please ask for a list of publications and Yoga Supplies from:

Sally Prakash
Honorary Secretary

Shamsher Prakash Foundation
“Anand Kutir”
1707, Jackson Circle
Rolla, Missouri 65401, USA