Dr. Neven Matasovic, P h. D., P.E., G.E


Ph.D., Geotechnical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 1993
M.S., Geotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1986
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1983

Practice Specialties:

Geotechnical earthquake engineering
Numerical modeling
Landfill engineering and waste mechanics
Geotechnical aspects of port and harbor engineering


Registered Geotechnical Engineer, California
Registered Professional Engineer, California
Registered Professional Engineer, Alaska


Dr. Neven Matasovic is an associate with Geosyntec Consultants , a 750-person geoenvironmental consulting company with offices in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Malaysia, and a wholly-owned structural engineering subsidiary MMI Engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience in geotechnical, earthquake, and geoenvironmental engineering. He is based in Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A.

Practice Specialties

Dr. Matasovic focuses on seismic and geotechnical issues associated with design of waste containment and disposal facilities, port and harbor facilities, bulk storage facilities, highway facilities, tank farms, power generation facilities, and water retention facilities. His practice also includes advanced numerical modeling, planning and monitoring of special laboratory and in situ testing, in-depth evaluations of seismic and geologic hazards to infrastructure and lifelines, interaction with State and Federal regulatory agencies, client consultation, and work on NSF-sponsored research projects. His experience spans more than 100 infrastructure and commercial sites in the United States and abroad.

Advancing the State-of-the-Practice

Dr. Matasovic is a leader in developing evaluation and mitigation methods for the seismic design of solid and hazardous waste landfills. He has also made contributions in the areas of ground motion characterization, seismic site response evaluation, and seismic slope stability evaluation. Dr. Matasovic has co-developed several widely used advanced numerical modeling techniques (programs for nonlinear effective-stress site response analysis and for Newmark seismic deformation analysis with degrading yield acceleration that are distributed through GeoMotions, LLC and developed large-scale laboratory equipment for static and cyclic testing of non-traditional geo-materials such as municipal solid waste, mining and construction byproducts, and composite landfill liner interfaces.

Dr. Matasovic has been honored with the Prakash Foundation award for excellence in the practice of geotechnical earthquake engineering, a discipline in which he has authored and co-authored more than 70 technical papers, including 14 journal papers, and a state-of-the-practice paper on the seismic design of hazardous waste landfills . He is also a co‑author of two United States federal government agency guidance documents – the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seismic design guidance for municipal solid waste landfills and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) design guidance on geotechnical earthquake engineering for highway facilities. Dr. Matasovic is Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and serves on its Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics Committee.