Dr.Hyu-Soung Shin


Dr. Shin has experience in tunnelling and geotechnical engineering which was mainly obtained from the intensive research and field works in Korea Institute of Construction Technology(KICT),  a Korean government research body in South Korea. His major concern was in artificial intelligence (AI) applications for geotechnical problem for which he developed a neural network engine having been updated and successfully applied to date. During his PhD study with supervision of prof. G.N. Pande at the University of Wales Swansea, he involved in some research projects on soil and rock mechanics, reinforced concrete, bone mechanics, etc. Since he obtained a PhD in a unique title of ‘neural network based finite element analysis’, he worked with Dr. Pande for ‘developing tomorrow’s software today.

Dr. Shin has been awarded the Institute of Civil Engineering’s (ICE) Manby Prize for his paper ‘Artifical Intelligence v Equations’ published in 2004, in which Prof. Pande was co-author. He has since returned to Korea and now works as a senior researcher for the Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), a position he has held since 2003. A number of research projects for tunnelling and underground space technologies are on progress under the supervision of Dr. Shin.

Award Presentation