Dr.David Masin

Faculty of Science
Charles University In Prague
Albertov 6,128 43 Prague 2
Czech Republic

David Mašín has been mainly cited for his research on the soil behaviour, development and evaluation of constitutive models and their application for solving boundary value problems in geotechnical engineering. In particular, his research focused on the behaviour and modelling of fine-grained soils, including “problematic soils” such as structured, double-porosity and unsaturated materials. David Mašín made significant contributions in the field of constitutive modelling using theory of hypoplasticity.

David Mašín gained his professional experience at leading universities in the field. During his career, he worked within a number of research groups, either as a visiting PhD student or as a visiting fellow. Particularly, his research has been based at the University of Innsbruck; Imperial College, London; City University, London; Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble; University of Dresden; University of Karlsruhe and University of New South Wales, Sydney. The international cooperation resulted in a number of publications in highly recognized international journals.

The research work by David Mašín was awarded by a number of international (IACMAG Junior Excellent Paper Award 2008, ALERT PhD prize 2007) and Czech (Quido Záruba award 2007) prices for outstanding contributions within the field of computational geomechanics.

The research was supported through a number of research grants by the grant agencies within the Czech Republic. The following projects were solved by D. Mašín as a principal investigator: GACR 205/08/0732 (2008-2010; Development and evaluation of numerical methods for tunnelling in fine- grained soils), GAAV IAA200710605 (2006-2008; Development of hypoplastic models for non- standard materials) and GAUK 331/B-GEO/PrF (2004-2006; Development and calibration of constitutive models for double-porosity soils). Morover, David Mašín has been co-investigator of 7 other research grants.

David Mašín is as a corresponding member and a national representative in Technical Committees TC34 (Prediction and Simulation Methods in Geomechanics) and TC6 (Unsaturated Soils) of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. Since 2010 he has been a secretary of the Czech Member Society of ISSMGE.

David Mašín has been promoting application of the advanced constitutive model in geotechnical practice. He is one of the founders and an administrator of the www.soilmodels.info web site. In cooperation with his colleagues, he made available robust implementation of the hypoplastic models in different finite element codes (ABAQUS, Tochnog Professional, PLAXIS), see www.natur.cuni.cz/uhigug/masin/plaxumat .