2011 Creative Design Awards, Missouri University Of Science and Technology


First Prize

April Pummill receives the award from chief guest Dr. David J. Westenberg

Amanda Foster receives the award from chief guest Dr. David J. Westenberg

Second Prize

Casey Burton receives the award from chief guest Dr. David J. Westenberg

The winners along with Dr. Prakash, Sally Prakash and Dr. Westenberg



Ritika Sehgal presents her winning entry

Dr. S.C. Saxen awards the prizes.

All the prize winners with dignitaries.

Dr. S.C. Saxena, Director, IIT Roorkee, addresses the gathering.

Dr. Manoranjan Prid, Coordinator, delivers vote of thanks.



The award function was held on December 26, 2007 in Roorkee. Dr. S. C. Saxena, Director IIT Roorkee was the chief guest.

Kushagra Mittal recives the prize from Dr. S C Saxena, Director IIT R

Dr. Saxena, Chief Guest, delivers his speech

Audience, Manoj Arora is busy taking notes

Harsh Sinhval addresses the audience

Shalini & Shamsher Prakash with prize winners

Manoranjan Parida proposes vote of thanks

Press was also present

Tea party after the prize distribution


The award function was held on November 16, 2006 in Roorkee. Dr. S. C. Saxena, Director IIT Rooekee was the chief guest.


An innovative and worth appreciating initiative of Prof. Shamsher Prakash Foundation has been taken by SP foundation.

Creative design-area is not in much focus; but is a very important and contributing area; makes value addition in engineering and technology products. The future of our country is in the hands of the young people. Young of today would be the leaders of tomorrow. If young persons enter in a habit of creating, they will definitely contribute in such a way that their contributions will result in value added products for the advantage to the society.

I remember, when I was at Thapar Institute of Engineering, we did send a team of students along with faculty advisor to NASA, Florida. They won International US NASA design competition and became the first team from Asia to win such a prestigious competition. Now the advisors and members of that team are working as mentors/advisors for the future NASA competition teams going from India. A small beginning has given birth to a big opportunity to the students of the future generations.

As I understand, there are teams from 4 institutions participating, namely from IITR, COER, TIET, PEC, CHD I am happy to note that the students from these institutions have participated with full enthusiasm and commitment and worked in a healthy competitive environment.

I appreciate the initiative of Prof. Shamsher Prakash and his foundation and are rightly focusing on young ones as they are the people who are going to decide the future path forward of our society. Training of this type would keep them in developing right mindset of doing innovative things in competitive environment and help them to inculcate god habits. Some of them may be the leading creative designers and do something very new and innovative in future. When there is a competition, some people win and some people lose. Winners and participants are to be equally appreciated for their efforts. It is the participation spirit of many, which provides an opportunity to few ones to win. I have gone through the list and seen that the reviews are from school of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and IIT Roorkee and well established authorities in their respective fields and competitors have got a rare and fare opportunity to get evaluated by them.

I congratulate Kushagara Mittal, Sharad Jain, Uttam Kumar and Vipul Varshney for their project on rural Transport Solution “Pragati” for winning the first prize of Rs.20,000/-, Mr.Varun Aggarwal, Mishika Singla, Rahul Kumar and Tansy Jindal for their project on “Extraction of Bio-diesel from Jatropha Plant” for winning the second prize of Rs.10,000/- and Mr. Chetan Arora and Sahil gupta for their project on “Prevention of Mobile Phone Purification System” for participation in the Foundation competition.
I remember that the enhancement of the prize amount of Rs.20,000/- and Rs.10,000/- was announced by me only during the last year at Thapar, Patiala with consent of Prof. Shamsher Prakash & Swami Ji, when they were there with us for a day.

Please remember that there is a very thin difference between winners and non-winners. That thin difference can always be overcome with additional thrust or little more push. So always apply that thrust or push and try to cross the line to move to the side of winners. Remember “Winners do not do different things, they do things differently”. They have positive attitude, always learn from failures and convert losing instances into winning instances. Almost all the competitors in all the competitions put their best upto 95% and then lose their heart and those who put their best during the last lag of 5%  come out as winners. So young friends, try to stand in that category throughout your life and come out as the winner in your life


A function for the above award was organized by the Alumni Association IITR and SP Foundation on October 26, 2006 in Senate Hall, IIT Roorkee.

The prizes were awarded by distinguished alumni Dr. Prem Krishna, Professor Emeritus. Dr. R. P. Maheshwari and Manoranjana Parida coordinated the function and Dr. Awasthi, Ating Director, presented over the function.

Dr. Prem Krishna addresses the gathering

Pallavi Saxena presented her prize winning entry

Dr. Prem Krishna presented prize to Pankaj singh

Prize winners: L-R: Kushal Mukarjee, Ashish Goel, R.P.Maheshwari, Prem Krishna, Pankaj Singh, Pallav Saxena, A. Jain, R.P.Aggarwal, Shamsher Prakash, and Manoranjan Parida.