ISET Shamsher Prakash Award for Significant Contributions in Geotechnical Engineering, 20 Nov, 2014

Picture of George Gazetas (winner, second from right) (starting from left) M.L. Sharma, Shamsher Prakash, Ajay Chaurasia and George Gazetas, -.

6th International Conference on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Christchurch, Newzealand, 2015

Prize winner Brendon Bradley (sitting third from left) and judges with Kenji Ishihara (standing second from left) and I.M.Idriss (standing sixth from left).

Geo-Congress Feb 2014, ATLANTA, HERO’S LUNCH

Winner with Sally Prakash, Scott J. Brandenberg, Edward Kavazangian and Adrian Rodriguez-Marek .


John S. McCartney with his plaque.


John S. McCartney responds.

SP Research Award and Prize, San Diego, March 2013

Dr. Shamsher Prakash invites Jie Han and Dominic Assimaki to come to the dais to receive the prize .

Jie Han with Sally Prakash,Shamsher Prakash, Ed Kavazangian, Craig Benson, President Geo-Institute and Robert Schwein Fourth Executive Director, Geo-Institute after receiving the prize for excellence.


Dominic Assimaki with Ed Kavazangian, Sally and Shamsher Prakash, Craig Benson and Robert Schwein after she received the SP Reasearch Award.


Dr. Prakash Presented a gift for books to Craig Benson, President, Geo-Institute .


Jie Han responds !!


IITR – Shamsher Prakash Research Award- 2012 Presented in IIT Roorkee Convocation, August-2012

Award was presented to Dr. Kousik Deb by the chairman-IITR – Shri Analjit Singh

2011 SP Research Award, Presented in Oakland (CA), March 2012

L-R: Sally Prakash, Shamsher Prakash, Jason DeJong, President Geo-Institute after recieving award

Jason DeJong responds. Ed Kavazanjian is serious!

L-R: Sally Prakash, Shamsher Prakash, Joseph Wartman, President Geo-Institute,Ed Kavazanjian.

Joseph Wartman responds

Shamsher Prakash,President SP Foundation introduces and praises the hardwork done by Sally Prakash, Secretary,SP Foundation

IITR – Shamsher Prakash Award Presented in IITR Convocation, NOV-2011

Award was presented to Dr. Pijush Samui by the chairman-IITR – Shri Analjit Singh

SP Awards Presentation @ XV European Conference on SM & GE, Athens, Greece, SEPT-2011

Dr.David Masin responds to the award.

ISET Shamsher Prakash Award for Significant Contributions in Geotechnical Engineering, 18 Dec, 2010

Prof. W.D. Finn, Prof Emeritus, Civil Engg., University of British Columbia, received the First Award on Dec. 18, 2010 in Roorkee


Prof. Finn is happy!
L-R: B.K. Maheshwari, D.K. Paul, W.D. Finn, Ashwani Kumar


Dr. Shamsher Prakash invite Dr. D.N. Singh, Professor IITD, to make the award to Sanjeev Kumar


Prof. D.N. Singh introduces the award by SP FOUNDATION and invites Sanjeev Kumar and introduces him


Sanjeev Kumar recieves the SP Award

Sanjeev Kumar responds

Prize winners/ Judges at IIT Bombaby

Left to Right: Deepankar Chowdhary, Gopal MADABHUSHI, Sanjeev Kumar, Shamsher Prakash, Sally Prakash, D.N. Singh


2010 ISGG, Shanghai, China, October 10-12, 2010

SP Award presented to Itai by Wang Lanmin

Itai responds. Wang Lanmin is serious!

Itai is happy to have recieved SP Award

2009 SP Research Award Presented in CGC Calgary, September, 2010

Jocelyn Grozic recieves the award

Jocelyn Grozic thanks upon recieving the award

2010 SHAMSHER PRAKASH AWARDS, AND Prizes presentation, at 6th International conference on Recent Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, and Soil Dynamics , May 2010 , San Diego, CA

Prof. W.D. Liam Finn introduces the Shamsher Prakash Awards, Shamsher Prakash Prizes and Activities of the Shamsher Prakash Foundation

Prof. Finn introduces Tara Hutchinson

Prof. Finn presents the plaque to Jean-Francois Semblat

Prof. Finn and Allen Cadden

Prof. Finn and Zygmunt Lubkowski

Front Row: Pedro Seco e Pinto, Sissy Nikolaou, Ricardo Dobry, Shamsher Prakash, Liam Finn, Neven Matasovic, Ellen Rathje, Susumu Iai 

Second Row: Gopal Madabhushi, Juan Pestana, Jon Bray, George Mylonakis, Rodrigo Salgado, Ross Boulanger

 Third Row: Roberto Paolucci, Jean-Francois Semblat, Allen Cadden, Zygmunt Lubkowski, Tara Hutchinson, Jonathan Stewart

9th Annual Convocation of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee — Nov. 14 2009

Dr. B.K. Maheshwari, Secretary ISET, Receives Shamsher Prakash Reseach Award-2009

2007 SP Prize for Excellence Presented in Sacramento, California — May 19, 2008

WD Liam Finn presented award to Ellen Rathje

Ellen Rathje responds

WD Liam Finn congratulates Tarek Abdoun

Tarek Abdoun responds

Award winners and Judges
Sally Prakash, Shamsher Prakash, Neven Matasovich, Harry Poulos, Tarek Abdoun , Ahmed Elgamal, WD Liam Finn, jonathan Bray, Ellen Rathje, Jonathan Stewart, Susumu Iai, Gopal Madabhushi and Ross Boulanger

2006 SP Prize for Excellence Presented at the International Conference on Geotechnical Engineering, Hammamet, Tunisia — March 25, 2008

Braja Das Presented the Plaque and Check to Mounir Bouassida

Mounir responds


2006 SP Research Awards Presented in Fourth International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, Thessaloniki, Greece — June 28, 2007


Dr. Idriss introduces The Shamsher Prakash Foundation and Invites the winners to the Dias


Dr. Idriss presented the award to Mitsuo Okamura

Mitsuo Okamura responds

Dr. Idriss presented the award to Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan Stewart responds

The two awards

Shamsher Prakash proposees vote of thanks

All the pize winners and judges

Back Row L-R Shamsher Prakash, George Mylonakis, George gazetas, Ross Boulanger, Ricardo Dobry, Ahmed Elgamal

Front Row L-R Mitsu Okamura, Jonathan Stewart, Ikuo Towhata, Gopal Madabhushi, Johnathan Bray, Raymond Seed, Roberto Paolucci, Susumu Lai, Sissy Nikolaou, Pedro Seco Pinto, IM Idriss, Kenji Ishihara



Function in Rhodes (Greece)

Poul Lade, the winner Dr Hyu-Soung Shin and G.N. Pande


Function in HongKong

Dr Bruce Kuttar, UC Davis introduced the activities of SP Foundation and the winner Dr Gopal Madabhushi

Dr Bruce Kutter presents Plaque and check to Dr Gopal Madabhushi



            Professor Rodrigo Salgado of Purdue University was invited to receive this award in Atlanta (GA) on February 28, 2006.
Dr. Ed Kavazanjian, Chair of the Technical Co-ordination council of the Geo Institute, ASCE, introduced the SP Research Awards, which were started in 1990 with George Gazetas (Greece) as the first recipient. He reported that the SP Foundation has initiated many other awards and prizes and has started a free elementary school for poor students in India.
Dr Prakash introduced Dr. Salgado.  According to Dr. Prakash:

            “Prof. Salgado is recognized for his contributions in the analysis of the load response of foundations, the static and liquefaction response of non-textbook soils (such as silty and clayey sands), and seismic slope stability analysis.  A trademark of his work has been the focus on fundamentals and the rigorous application of the principles of mechanics, capturing the essence both of soil behavior at the element level and of the boundary-value problems.  His work has produced results that are directly used in practice.  His research publications have appeared in the best journals of our discipline and many other reputed publications. For his research, Prof. Salgado has also received two ASCE awards: the Casagrande Professional Development Award in 1999 and the Huber Research Prize in 2004.”

            Dr. Salgado then indicated that he was most pleased to receive the Shamsher Prakash Research Award for doing what he loved to do and thanked the foundation for his selection to receive this prize.  He indicated his research had brought him in touch with many people he enjoyed working with, and that receiving an award for that privilege made it all more special.  He indicated he was honored to be added to a list of distinguished past recipients.  He concluded by thanking the panel of judges for their effort in a task, that of selecting award recipients, that is always difficult.

            Dr. Prakash proposed a vote of thanks to Geo-Institute (Carol Bowers, Dr. Frost. Chair Geo-Atlanta and Kavazanjian).

Dr. Ed Kavazanjian presented the plaque to Prof. Salgado.

Dr. Rodrigo Salgado responds to Dr. Kavazanjian’s and Dr. Prakash’s comments.

Dr. Prakash proposed a vote of thanks to the GI and its officers.


         Professor Juan Pestana, University of California, Berkeley, was invited to receive this award in San Francisco (CA) on April 18, 2006.

            Prof. W.D. Liam Finn, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, introduced the SP Research Awards which were started in 1990 with George Gezetas (Greece) as the first winner.

He introduced Dr Juan Pestana as,

‘I have known his contribution of constitute modeling of soil behavior and its Application to Geotechnical and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. He was Program Director, NSF, 2003-2005. He has already won Huber Prize, 2002, ASCE,  Casarande Award, 1999 ASCE, Student Advisor Award, 2001,2002. He is a member of  the Board of Experts for Petrolos de, Venezuela, 2006.’

            Dr. Pestana’s recent research include, Triggering of Submarine Slides, Behavior of Unsaturated Soils (Pavements) , Behavior of Calcareous Material for Offshore Foundation, Reservoir Mechanics, Soil Structure Excitation and Soft Soil Construction

Dr. Juan Pestana, Professor, University of California, Berkeley(CR)