Arul Arulrajah

Dr Arul Arulrajah is an Associate Professor (Geotechnical Engineering) at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Arulrajah is currently involved in research topics such as soft soil engineering, ground improvement, reclaimed materials, in-situ testing, field instrumentation, land reclamation, dredging and deep compaction works. In his brief academic career, Arulrajah has been successful in large competitive and industry research grants particularly in the field of geotechnics of pavement and soft soil engineering. Arulrajah is currently active in the teaching and research in geotechnical engineering and particularly in research on geotechnical applications of sustainable materials. Arulrajah is the author of close to 80 research journal and conference papers to date. Arulrajah is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Australia and is a Chartered Professional Engineer. Prior to joining academia in 2006, Arulrajah worked for 14 years with various geotechnical engineering consulting companies in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, where he gained extensive experience in the project management, design and site implementation of geotechnical engineering infrastructure projects.

Dr Arulrajah has in recent years been active in research with industry in the sustainable use of biosolids, waste and reclaimed materials in geotechnical engineering and pavement applications. He is successfully leading research at Swinburne into the sustainable usage of materials such as biosolids, crushed brick, crushed concrete, crushed glass, crushed rock and dredged clays in geotechnical and pavement engineering applications. Since joining Swinburne in mid-2006, he has had considerable successes with large competitive research grants in the field of biosolids, waste and reclaimed materials in geotechnical and pavement applications leading various projects. These projects have involved extensive laboratory testing and analytical modelling to develop design guidelines with the road authorities for the use of recycled materials in geotechnical and pavement applications.

Arulrajah was awarded the prestigious Telford Premium Prize (2010) awarded by the Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom for being the first author for the paper titled “Ground Improvement Techniques for Railway Embankments” for the best paper published in the ICE’s Ground Improvement journal. Arulrajah is also the recipient of the Swinburne Vice-Chancellor’s Research Award (2009) – for prolific success in competitive and industry research grants on the biosolids, waste and recycled materials in Geotechnical Engineering applications. Arulrajah led a team of four staff to obtain the Swinburne Vice-Chancellor’s Sustainability Award (2008) – for leading research into the sustainable usage of waste and reclaimed materials. Arulrajah is also the recipient of the Swinburne Vice-Chancellor’s Early-Career Research Award (2007) – for developing and leading highly effective research collaborations with industry and for associated success in winning research grants and in publication.

Dr. Arulrajah is thrilled to be the recipient of this years 2010 Shamsher Prakash Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Geotechnical Engineering